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Has anyone read ......

Jillian Stone's "Gentlemen of Scotland Yard" series? I have never read anything by her; I like the storyline, at least I think I will but the kindle version is almost $20. For that price I like to be a bit more certain.


It appears Amazon is getting serious with regards to get rid of the fora.  Over the last few weeks, one function after the other was taken away. Today, even if you bookmarked the fora you are interested in, you have to find the discussions you took part in or you were interested in as the the show of how many new entries has been taken away. 


I love catching up here but it is difficult to have a book discussion or simply a discussion of favorite authors etc. I assume I could go back to GR despite the ban a few years ago but honestly all I heard about how GR runs now, assures me that it will be unlikely for me to enjoy.


I finally decided to go on Facebook. I will try to add as many of my favorite books as I go, so anyone interested can find me that way. I also have added my all time favorite TV show (Law & Order). 


I hope somehow to stay in contact with most of you.


Take care, Angela



Passing on message

Just saying hello to all from Themis Althena. Says she is super busy and will be back but likely not before the end of this month.

I have not posted in a while

Life kind of got in the way. But I do try to keep up with everyone else.


Retirement moved further into the future, can't find a successor.


My two senior dogs passed last year and my daughter is pregnant, wanted and planned.


The wedding will be next Thursday and the Admiral is due end of July. They know it will be a boy but for some reason they decided not to call him Lincoln until he is born. As both are Star Trek fans - hence the wedding on May 4th -, they decided to call him the Captain and I must say I vetoed that; it's my grandchild, he is at a minimum an Admiral.


Unfortunately, today she was told she has gastetial diabetes. She is already with an Ob/Gyn as all babies in our family for some reason or the other ended up being c-sections. So she decided to have planned c-section anyway. She will have to see another specialist and we sincerely hope with diet changes (she loves grapes, melons and oranges) she can get it all under control.


My arm and shoulder have healed, only for my knee to start hurting. Disneyland, while a joy with the grandchildren was definitely something I should have skipped last month.


To counter all and help me relax, I am reading once again old favorites. 

My Reading Habits

  1. Do you have a certain place in your home for reading?


Depends what, I mostly read in my recliner in the den, sometimes I do read newspapers on my IPad in the kitchen or on my PC in home office or at work.


  1. Bookmark or a random piece of paper? 


I read mostly e-books and before that I have to admit, folded page corners.


  1. Can you just stop reading, or do you have to stop after a chapter or a certain number of pages?


I try to stop at logical location, doesn’t always happen.


  1. Do you eat or drink while reading? 




  1. Do you multitask while reading?


Rarely, I always forget I have music on my IPad.


  1. One book at a time, or several?


One at a time. I envy those who can read one book in bed, one during lunch break and another one as audio during the commute.


  1. Where do you read, at home or everywhere?


Everywhere.  At home, and in cars, planes, trains, and waiting rooms.


  1. Do you read out loud, or silently in your head?




  1. Do you read ahead or skip pages?


I am taking the 5th


  1. Do you break the spine?


No. But some got damaged from re-reading over and over again.


  1. Do you write in your books?


No, but given the various adventures with GR, BL etc. I now have an Excel file for all my books, with a “remarks” section.


It's going to be a crappy weekend.

My oldest dog, Madison who has survived oral bone cancer, back surgery for a herniated disk, spleen removal after being diagnosed with lymphona, melanoma on the eyebrow, a pumped out stomach after stealing and eating the cardboard of a coke flat, and that all after the age of 9 (her breed generally only makes it between 6 and 8) has been on and off her feet and gone into real decline the last 2 weeks, has now at the age of 12 years and 3 months been diagnosed with a sarcoma pressing onto the spine.


We lost her brother last April and I guess, he has been calling her. Tomorrow we will go to the hospital where she is currently, bring her one last meal of McDonalds (she went to physio every week and afterward she and my husband would go a date to McDonalds) and let her go.


Question re author Mary Spencer aka Susan Spencer Paul

Several of her books (mostly under SSP) are available on Kindle. I am trying to find out about the wager trilogy. Those were first published in 1997 with Dell (I believe Random is the parent company), her other books are published with different publishers. 


Thanks for any help, Angela

Need to Vent

the weirdest and kind of scary thing happened yesterday. I am still not completely able to function but the break in my arm is healing and the gap between my shoulder socket and the shoulder bone is smaller and we are hopeful that with intense physio and massage, I will gain most mobility back over time.


As I can't drive yet, my oldest son had driven me to the hospital to see the surgeon at the 4-week mark. While waiting, he got a call from his wife:


Since she was pregnant and especially since Eden, my little granddaughter was born, my DIL has joined several groups for new moms. It is their first baby, both are older and had/have health problems. One of these groups is a pre-garage sale group, where moms place items out for the group before selling on Craigslist or whatever. Last Sunday, DIL went to a member of the group with Eden. Eden does love her daddy but he was helping setting up a BBQ at the other grandma's house, so it was just the girls. The sister of this group member came with her 10 month old daughter.  When she started talking to Eden, who was strapped in car seat as my DIL had no intention of staying as she was expected at the BBQ. Eden, 4 month old, began making a fuss, she was already missing daddy and I guess was getting bored. This woman started telling my DIL off, saying Eden must be hungry or needing a change, etc. My DIL calmly said, baby was fine just missing her dad. The other woman then without warning took Eden out of the car seat, still insisting that Eden had to be hungry, whipped her breast out and tried to feed Eden. My DIL was stunned but did react quickly, took Eden and I guess had a few choice words and left.


Then yesterday, while my son and I were at the clinic, CPS showed up at their house. They had an anonymous call, claiming Eden was severely underweight (she is in the 15 %-tile), neglected (mom and dad walk on egg shell, have with the help of grandmas a night nurse as my DIL had a slow recovery from the c-section and my son had had a heart attack last year to make sure that every small sound of the princess gets due attention) and was not vaccinated (not true). CPS did quickly see that Eden was not underweight nor neglected but still needed to contact the GP etc.


My poor DIL was so upset. Their pediatric nurse called CPS and he had himself already prepped the paperwork to close the file when my son called him. He suggested to CPS to maybe checked out that woman who called (we know it was her as her sister had apologized for her) as her behavior of snatching babies from their car seats and trying to forcibly breastfeed someone else's baby is not the "to-do" thing. As a matter of fact, another mother might have taken offense and reacted not as peaceful as my DIL did.


Thanks for listening. I am still steaming. I hope that this woman does not try anything else. 

will be lurking only

i had silly accident last night and broke my upper right arm and possible my humerus as well. Surgery as always in Canada is waiting game. So i won't know when i can do more than click on the heart.

I am trying to find a book back

It is part of an anthology. I am almost certain one story was by Merrill Lovelace and another by Julia Justiss.

Here is what I remember: The hero is on night duty somewhere in France or Belgium, I guess towards the end of the war. His brother has passed and he has inherited an earldom/viscountcy. His brother left a widow and tow daughters. Hero gets shot by a sniper and brought to camp.

He is deadly afraid of dying before settling his SIL and nieces as the heir next in line is either a meany or a spendthrift. His officer friends come up with the idea of him marrying and at least settling all finances onto his own potential widow with a view that his own widow would look after SIL and the nieces. And if he lived, they could annul the marriage.

With the regiment is another officer whose wife and daughter are billeted with him. The daughter is a widow and the heroine. She was married to an Lord of some kind who had married her with a view of her inheritance and in the hope that monies would be dispensed quickly. When that did not happen, he was rather mean to the heroine. I am not sure from where the inheritance would have come, only that it had ties to trade.

His friends persuade the heroine to go along and the medic and she do what they can for the hero, keeping him alive until the doctor could come (not sure where he had been).

Hero begins to very much like the heroine and refused to get an annulment, even after he discusses it with her. So he tries it the sneaky way by prolonging their time together and asking her to come to port with him where a bishop reside who could give the annulment.

The heroine decides to snatch a night of bliss, pretending to be her own maid and when the hero the next morning things all is well, she kind of implies that she is in love with the doctor.

Hero lets her be and boards the ship back for England. The doctor is on it too. Hero makes a few snarky remarks which the doctor can't understand but things he is wishing him well for the future with his bride who is of course not the heroine but is waiting at home for the doctor.

Hero returns to the hotels and all ends well.

Can someone help? I know I have the book, I just can't find it. Thanks All.

What should I do?
What should I do?

Charlie needs his teeth properly cleaned. That can of course only be done with anesthetic. He is 9 years old. Already older than most Bernese Mountain dogs get. And we lost another Bernese, just before his 9th birthday when he was under to get his teeth done.


Given all the drama with Charlie's sister Madison, who is doing really great despite being 10 years, battling bone cancer and now having an ACL tear, I am afraid. My hubby just spoke to the vet and the vet thinks that a) anesthetic has improved since and b) he rather do it now while Charlie is overall healthy with only a little arthritis. Charlie also had ACL surgery last year and came through with flying colors.


My daughter hates our vet. She says he will do anything for money (she had bad experience with him, treating a bunny which should have been put down a year or so earlier than when actually done). I don't care about that so much, I just want Charlie to be well. For what it's worth, I agree re the opinion re money with my daughter but I believe also he is a very competent vet.

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Discovered YouTube

It  is not quite as pathetic as it sounds; I thought YouTube was for clips people up-load, for movie or book trailers, news clips, music clips etc.  I never knew you could get whole movies on there.


Last Friday night, and I can't even remember what I was looking for, I checked YouTube and found a - for me - treasure trove. There were these Italian movies in the late fifties, early sixties, Don Camillo and Peppone. I used to watch them as a child in Germany and loved them. I found all 5 movies ever made, one in English and the others in German. I had several good laughs and for good measure threw in a German comedian by brother really likes.


The only bad thing, I did get no reading done this weekend.


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Need help remembering title of regency romance

I am trying to replace as many paperbacks as possible with its electronic version. Recently I remembered a book I would like to find again (it's somewhere on a shelf). Here it goes:

A young woman is escaping her stepfather, she is at an inn where she is compromised by our hero who just left the army. Innkeeper takes on a father role and forces them to marry. Heroine is actually a heiress but at the time the hero believes she trapped him. His only relative is an aunt who wants him to go into politics and consequently she wants a woman of substance for him. Once the heroine tells her about her inheritance I believe the aunt is trying to help her. There is also a brother who is still in school and is the real heir to the home the stepfather rules. Hero takes to the younger man because he remembers his own time at that particular school.

Stepfather kidnaps heroine. I believe there was a smexual understone as to why the stepfather wants her home, not only because he had defrauded some or all of the inheritance.

Any help would be appreciate. Thanks.

Why are people so stupid

Sorry, just ranting. My daughter works for me, we share a last name. She shares a first name with our receptionist. This is the basic premises. 


Earlier today, I had some errands and left the office already, otherwise, I would have already dealt with it immediately. Apparently, a phone call came in, soliciting advertising $$$$ for a relatively new magazine. We do not do any print advertising other than direct mail as it has never brought as any business and the latter simply not enough to justify the cost. We rely mainly on word by mouth and have done so for 20 years in a difficult and often very transient industry. The caller started off real good by asking for my daughter by her first name. So our receptionist said she was xxxx but that the caller likely did not want her but at which point she was interrupted and told that obviously she was not the one the caller wanted. Caller then gave her pitch to my daughter who advised her that we do not do print advertising. Caller then went on a passive/aggressive rant about us not supporting the community. Personally, I would have hung up on her but daughter who is much more patient than I, advised her to check our community link re our community involvement and finally told her that caller should, as all solicitations are invited to, send an email to the owner in our general inbox. 


Well apparently, she lost it completely. She thought that my daughter was the owner and was in a pique about having wasted her precious time with an imposter. 


Does she really think, after being told that we do not use her services/products period, her behavior was going to convince us otherwise? Given that our last name is not very common and it is known through website and within the community, the company has only about 20 employees. What are the chances that we are not related? Or even that staff would not relate all to me?

Author Shiloh Walker Request to Readers (Copyrights reversion issues ongoing)

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