Question for IT pros or those who rely on software to manage their business contacts

Hi All:


Many of you know I have a small personal training studio. We have software to account for client's sessions, payments, scheduling and a certain amount of marketing data like how often clients come, where the majority live, etc.


Like most businesses, we need to focus our sparse marketing dollars. My marketing team wants to focus more on retention. Most of our incentives to retain clients are successful but there is not one vehicle were it is all documented. Long-term regular clients do get for their birthday flowers (for the ladies) and chocolate dipped in fruit (for the men), all get handmade birthday cards, new clients signing receive a Thank you card but should really be called say after 3 sessions to see how they are doing. We need to have a vehicle reminding someone to do this. When clients are at their 3rd last session, they are reminded that if they purchase a new package on their next visit, they receive one session free or in the case of group training, receive a discount. When it gets busy, sometimes the reminder is missed and then the client complains they did not know, don't have their wallet etc. but clearly still want the complimentary session.


All those incentives are spread over several employees to take care of, thank you cards are done by whoever finishes the health assessment (all client have to have one before starting training), birthday cards are done by one of the afternoon shift girls, I do order and arrange for the gifts. The complimentary session or discount is done by whoever is working the front desk.  We also give clients who go through a hard times (death in the family, major illness, loss of a pet, etc.) something like a massage or flowers/chocolates.


My marketing coordinator wants all those retention tools noted in one program, so when dealing with one client, we have all contacts other then their training documented. She is about to embark on trying to write an Excel program. Personally, I believe she is trying to reinvent the wheel. There must be something out there. Anyone any ideas?????