Will also have a long night

Charlie, our male Bernese, was at the vet today and had his teeth cleaned and a biopsy on two lumps in his mouth. Although, he was the first patient and has his anesthetic early, he is still woozy. And the silly pup does not lay down and stay there and sleep it off, no, he has to go and check every room in regular intervals. Then he stands there, shaking, weaving from one side to the other and meeping. 


I was so worried; the Bernese we had before him died during anesthesia and he was slightly younger. However, Charlie came through and now we all have to get through the night. The Ladies, the other two Bernese, give him dirty looks when he gets up and disturbs their beauty sleep. I think, I will stay downstairs and try to sleep in my LazyBoy. Charlie needs assistance going down the stairs from the patio to the backyard.