Need advise re Kindle

I am nearing retirement (yeah); like most business owners, when I had to travel, I had my lap top to work, my Ipad to show off kids and grandchild and to read and my Blackberry. When traveling for a short amount of time, I already just took the IPad and now I also have an Iphone which reduces the need for the IPad with regard to photos and even reading newspaper articles.


Reading books on the IPad has many advantages, like Google maps - I enjoy seeing places or following a route in adventure stories. But the disadvantage of course is that the battery last less time than on a Kindle and regardless of the anti-glare screen, reading outside in the sun is difficult. 


I will continue to keep my IPad but mostly for reading in my favorite chair. For traveling - and not needing to work - I want to get a Kindle. 

Can someone - especially those also residing in Canada - advise which Kindle I should get?