Warning about fake books

It appears that someone is publishing books under the name of Amanda Quick. A fellow poster on the Amazon Romance forum warned other readers.


One is titled Killing Emerald. It says it's free on KU. Otherwise, it's 4.99. The second one is Demons of the Stormed Greenstone. Also free on KU. Otherwise, 3.99. The first one has 4 reviews, and the second one has 3. All reviews give one star and point out that these are not by AQ and are just gibberish. The pictures shown for the covers are not the typical AQ covers.



I copied part of her post above. I checked on AQ's website but you can either subscribe to her newsletter and contact her via Facebook and I don't do Facebook, maybe someone else can take is up and inform AQ about it and leave it in her hands.  It does not look that Amazon will do anything.