Need help remembering title of regency romance

I am trying to replace as many paperbacks as possible with its electronic version. Recently I remembered a book I would like to find again (it's somewhere on a shelf). Here it goes:

A young woman is escaping her stepfather, she is at an inn where she is compromised by our hero who just left the army. Innkeeper takes on a father role and forces them to marry. Heroine is actually a heiress but at the time the hero believes she trapped him. His only relative is an aunt who wants him to go into politics and consequently she wants a woman of substance for him. Once the heroine tells her about her inheritance I believe the aunt is trying to help her. There is also a brother who is still in school and is the real heir to the home the stepfather rules. Hero takes to the younger man because he remembers his own time at that particular school.

Stepfather kidnaps heroine. I believe there was a smexual understone as to why the stepfather wants her home, not only because he had defrauded some or all of the inheritance.

Any help would be appreciate. Thanks.