Need to Vent

the weirdest and kind of scary thing happened yesterday. I am still not completely able to function but the break in my arm is healing and the gap between my shoulder socket and the shoulder bone is smaller and we are hopeful that with intense physio and massage, I will gain most mobility back over time.


As I can't drive yet, my oldest son had driven me to the hospital to see the surgeon at the 4-week mark. While waiting, he got a call from his wife:


Since she was pregnant and especially since Eden, my little granddaughter was born, my DIL has joined several groups for new moms. It is their first baby, both are older and had/have health problems. One of these groups is a pre-garage sale group, where moms place items out for the group before selling on Craigslist or whatever. Last Sunday, DIL went to a member of the group with Eden. Eden does love her daddy but he was helping setting up a BBQ at the other grandma's house, so it was just the girls. The sister of this group member came with her 10 month old daughter.  When she started talking to Eden, who was strapped in car seat as my DIL had no intention of staying as she was expected at the BBQ. Eden, 4 month old, began making a fuss, she was already missing daddy and I guess was getting bored. This woman started telling my DIL off, saying Eden must be hungry or needing a change, etc. My DIL calmly said, baby was fine just missing her dad. The other woman then without warning took Eden out of the car seat, still insisting that Eden had to be hungry, whipped her breast out and tried to feed Eden. My DIL was stunned but did react quickly, took Eden and I guess had a few choice words and left.


Then yesterday, while my son and I were at the clinic, CPS showed up at their house. They had an anonymous call, claiming Eden was severely underweight (she is in the 15 %-tile), neglected (mom and dad walk on egg shell, have with the help of grandmas a night nurse as my DIL had a slow recovery from the c-section and my son had had a heart attack last year to make sure that every small sound of the princess gets due attention) and was not vaccinated (not true). CPS did quickly see that Eden was not underweight nor neglected but still needed to contact the GP etc.


My poor DIL was so upset. Their pediatric nurse called CPS and he had himself already prepped the paperwork to close the file when my son called him. He suggested to CPS to maybe checked out that woman who called (we know it was her as her sister had apologized for her) as her behavior of snatching babies from their car seats and trying to forcibly breastfeed someone else's baby is not the "to-do" thing. As a matter of fact, another mother might have taken offense and reacted not as peaceful as my DIL did.


Thanks for listening. I am still steaming. I hope that this woman does not try anything else.