It's going to be a crappy weekend.

My oldest dog, Madison who has survived oral bone cancer, back surgery for a herniated disk, spleen removal after being diagnosed with lymphona, melanoma on the eyebrow, a pumped out stomach after stealing and eating the cardboard of a coke flat, and that all after the age of 9 (her breed generally only makes it between 6 and 8) has been on and off her feet and gone into real decline the last 2 weeks, has now at the age of 12 years and 3 months been diagnosed with a sarcoma pressing onto the spine.


We lost her brother last April and I guess, he has been calling her. Tomorrow we will go to the hospital where she is currently, bring her one last meal of McDonalds (she went to physio every week and afterward she and my husband would go a date to McDonalds) and let her go.