Grand baby arriving today

My daughter will have a C-section at 1 pm due to medical reasons; all our family babies ended up being emergency C-sections (with me only the first, after that they were planned) and my daughter said, let's just skip the emergency part. She is a very slender young woman and the munchkin is likely to be weighing in the 10 pound range.  


Anyhow, due to that she is being in the dedicated maternity hospital (right next to Children's Hospital) where they deal mostly with high risk pregnancies, the nurses apparently do not look after the baby (unless it is ill) only after the mom.  We were kind of surprised with that when last year my daughter-in-law had an emergency C-section, a very difficult recovery, first her sister, then her mother and then me stayed with her. My son had survived a heart attack a few months prior and was unable to stay with her to that degree and help without endangering his health.  


My son-in-law unfortunately is only today off and has to work tomorrow and they also have a dog who is lovely but much to strong for either my husband or myself to handle. So, I will spend the next 2 to 3 nights in hospital taking care of my new grand baby and work a few hours during the day. 


I don't think I will get around to read or post a lot.  Will check in next week.