Allie's Moon - Alexis Harrington Both, hero and heroine have been dealt blows that could crumble anyone. The difference is that the blow to the hero came in his adulthood and the blow (the major blow) came when she was only 8 years old and then repeated comparatively minor blows throughout her life. As a child her options were limited, so she “buckled up”, suppressed as much as she could, and became an outwardly self-reliant person. The hero as an adult had different options; he chose to drown his sorrow.

His friend, although at the time it does not seem to our hero so, brings both together. Allie, our heroine, needs a man’s help on the farm and Jeff, our hero needs a place to stay and live a life away from alcohol. It is very apparent to the reader and to the hero, who is the villain here. All, Jeff, Allie and the reader know the obvious villain but Allie clings to her view of reality because seeing as it is would change all she has believed in.

It begins with doubts and when she finally realizes the truth, it is almost too late, as the evil in her life struck a major blow and Jeff’s life hangs on a thread. He feels he deserve the fate for the earlier blow in his life but Allie would not be Allie if she did not fight.

While reading, I myself wanted to jumped into my IPad and strangled the evil sister (don’t worry, it’s not a spoiler, it is apparent within the first quarter of the book).

I loved that we finally get to see a villain get what (s)he deserves. A few tidbits, giving us a better idea on the sister’s jailers would have been even better.

Again, there were a few spelling and grammar mistake and again, it did not distract me from the story. The building of sexual tension and the final consummation is handled with care and has me actually reading the scenes with skipping over them.