Nobody's Angel - Karen Robards

I imagine there were thousands upon thousands of young women in a similar position as the heroine, women died young, most often in childbed and the oldest girl in the family was left with taking the mother’s place in the household and raising any younger siblings. The heroine dealt with her situation as well as she could. It was against her nature, her religion, to buy the indentured convict but she knew she had no other choice.

The hero, like the hero inAlyx, was a British nobleman who had been sent, originally to prison to be murdered but thanks to bribery, escaped with his life, only to be sold a bondsman. As we know from Alyx, it happened in reality, I believe the name of the young man was James Annesley and he had been sold into slavery. After his return to England, his estates were returned to him but as far as I know, he never received his title back.

What this book so aptly describes is two worlds colliding. An arrogant, good looking young man who never had to work in his life and an overworked young woman, who believed herself to be not pretty and definitely on the shelf, getting to know and love each other.