Romancing the Countess - Ashley March First up, I have to say I did not like Ashley March’s Seducing the Duchess and was quite annoyed with myself for not paying better attention when I realized that Romancing the Countess was by the same author. And in this case, I am glad I did not pay attention because I lovedRomancing the Countess.

It describes a young woman, trying to escape the restrictions placed upon women during the “good old” days. Unfortunately, with predictable results. The heroine had made an unfortunate (for her) decision in her first marriage and continued to suffer from the fall-out with lack of self esteem and self worth (which she did not have much to begin with). Her attempts to gain self esteem and self worth brought her ostracization from “polite society”.

The hero had it all; title, position in society, wealth, a beautiful wife, an heir and a best friend. So when his world is shuttered by the betrayal of his wife and best friend, he reacts with anger, rage and he tries to control what is left of his world. We actually see him go through the five stages of grief. The heroine’s actions (she knew about the betrayal and had longer time to grief) are in sharp contrast of what he is trying to do and of course, he reacts badly, all while realizing that he desires the heroine.

When the proverbial sh*t hits the fan, he feels he has only three options for the best possible outcome, and one is to marry the heroine. She is not thrilled but after weighing her options, agrees to a marriage of convenience.

The hero tries seduction and the verbal part of it was one of the best erotic scenes I have ever read.

Last but not least, and this is just me, I would have told.