Cat's Cradle - Shannon Donnelly It was lovely regency read. Bad boy gambler, who has survived on his own after his parents abandoned him, wins a run-down estate. Problem is, the gatehouse is occupied by a young widow with two lively boys. She is the cousin of the man who lost the estate and is worried that the new owner will sell or terminate her (cheap) lease on the gatehouse.
The birth of kittens, whose mama is determined to keep them in a certain spot at the manor house brings hero and heroine together. Hero is immediately attracted to the heroine but does not want any attachments and knows the heroine to be a lady who he cannot in all good conscience seduce and leave. The heroine who has witnessed her cousin's downward spiral due to gambling, is equally attracted but fears his lifestyle. We see and feel how both gradually except the other and both are willing to give the other's way of life a try.