Tis the Season to Be Sinful - Adrienne Basso It was okay, a marriage of convenience turned into a love match. We know early on the hero's secret fear and why he does not want to get to close to the heroine, why he wants to keep it like a pleasant business arrangement. We know the heroine's reasons for marriage and also her desire to make something more of the marriage. It is very obvious from the start which one of her children will resist their mother's re-marriage. It is all pleasant and predictable. I found the ending either rushed or awkward. I am not writer so I don't know what Adrienne Basso could have changed to make be me experience the ending. It was as if both hero and heroine had a epiphany, first the heroine, then the hero as well as his relationship to her children was being solved by a big meanie. And from not wanting to have anything to do with being a step parent to claiming the children as his over a few pages.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the book, got severely annoyed when I was interrupted but I doubt I will re-read it.