A Lady Never Surrenders - Sabrina Jeffries I really liked it. I loved the bickering between hero and heroine. There was doubt on both sides but I believe early on both were looking at a future together, something they were afraid to even admit to themselves.

And what's more and what I said in my review of another "Hellion" book, I liked the fact that both characters have first appeared in another series as not even secondary but third and forth level characters, at least the heroine. As a matter of fact, I think all of Sabrina Jeffries's books have that feature. In the second book To Pleasure a Prince of the "Prince" trilogy, we meet the hero and heroine of one the books Only a Duke Will Do in the "Heiress Series". Several of the "Hellion" series showed up in the last of the "Heiress" series. Now, I have to go back to re-read the scene in Wed Him Before You Bed Him. And now it appears, a secondary character, cousin to the heroine of To Wed a Wild Lord who together with said heroine first appeared in How to Woo a Reluctant Lady will get his own book coming for Christmas 2012. I like how the author ties all neatly together without bogging down the story.

The solving of the murders of the "Hellions" parents was a bit anti-climatic. Once it was clear it was murder, there were not many options left.