Just Wicked Enough - Lorraine Heath I would have given this book 4 stars if not; well, I have read othe reviews where the heroine is maligned for her treatment of the hero. I think she was not tough enough. She nursed a broken and now she was been married to a stranger who had made no effort to get to know her or even get her opinion on their marriage and when she asserted her right to get to know him before sleeping with him, other reviewer called her annoying. What was annoying about that? Also, while I understand that woman had little or no rights re money and possessions, she had been made the financial head of the pair. She rightly kept him on a "short" rope given his views about money. However, I think if she had wanted out from under her mother's(who had wanted the aristocratic marriage) thumb and away from an unwated marriage, she could have put money aside and gotten away.