The Contentious Countess - Irene Saunders It's a mystery to me why the heroine fell in love with the hero. Yes, her sister had lied to her about the hero's supposed mistress, but the way the marriage came about; "I don't want an unwilling bride", sorry, he got one through his own thoughtlessness. She had no choice but go along and then he treats her abdominally when she was actually in danger after a bee sting. Yes, he didn't know, but could he have not asked what was wrong. And her father, knowing how she was treated by her mother, sister, brother and husband, lamely says, that she just has to trust her hubby. No, he should have taken her out of this situation and then the rest of his bothersome family into the country. Sorry, I actually liked the book in a weird kind of way. It really got my riled up.