A Most Unsuitable Earl (Regency Collection, #3)

A Most Unsuitable Earl (Regency Collection, #3) - Ruth Ann Nordin I could not finish this book. I could not be sure was it supposed to be a farce or what was the purpose of the stupidity? The hero's mother would have fit into a comic book rather than a regency novel. She was the mother-in-law from hell, just not in the way it is normally understood. I understand, mothers of both genders tried their best to get their offspring to get married and have heirs. But this woman took liberties with her son and her future daughter-in-law which were simply too unbelievable for any adult to let them pass. Especially, as the daughter-in-law outranked her. As for the (mother) hen-pecked son, he was not taking good care of his mother, he allowed her to treat him like a five year old boy. And the heroine thought nothing of it. Even than most women would have run regardless of title and wealth (all of which the heroine had herself anyway), found a way out before marrying into a family with a lunatic.
My disappointment comes mostly from having bought several of the author's books and enjoyed them. Her writing style is somewhat simple but as I said, I enjoy reading uplifting and simply stories when I want to relax. This one got my blood pressure. There are few books I DNF, mostly, when not finishing on the first try, I wait a while and try again. If I can't get in after the third try, then the book goes. This will not get two more tries; it is just too unbelievable stupid to try again.