A Bride for Lexington Hall

A Bride for Lexington Hall - Kimberleu Luke

I don't even know where to begin; a cliche rake hero who never ever will love because he saw what love did to his parents. He needs money to pay off his father's debt which were accumulated to appease mother-dearest. The heroine takes one look at the hero and even though he tells her he will never ever love her, falls in love with him because apparently, despite the fact that she is an heiress can't hope for better. Huh? They get married, he beds her then distances himself from her, gets jealous about anyone looking at her. He keeps saying that passion is enough and he will take care of her. He tramples all over her feelings. She locks her door, and/or leaves. Then returns and forgives. MIL hates her and meddles by inviting a love-interest for hero. He lets heroine believe he has an affair in their home. Something bad happens to heroine. Hero has epiphany, heroine forgives and all is well.

In addition, author only had a slight acquaintance with punctuation.