The Irish Bride

The Irish Bride - Alexis Harrington Farrell and Aidan are the heroine and hero in The Irish Bride The novel is set against the background of the Irish suppression by the British. 75% of the novel describes the journey; Farrell and Aidan take to get to a new life in the New World.

Farrell was talked into taking a position as a maid in the local manor house by her no good brother. Very soon, she is accosted by the son of the house and she slaps him and flees. Given her status on the social order, she knows this deed will not go unpunished.

Aidan had an altercation with Farrell’s no good brother and accidentally kills him. Both need to flee and given the strong Catholic faith of the Irish, their family forces them to marry before they flee Ireland. Aidan has loved Farrell from afar for the last few years but she is his older brother’s intended and she has more than once stated how much she loved Liam and while not stating it loudly how much she abhors Aidan’s way of life.

They are pursued by the son of the landowner. He is an all-out no good but one who does not wish to work at either being good or not. He weasels his way towards capture.

At the point of capture, Farrell and Aidan have almost separated; Aidan knows he has let down but all he had done was for her and their future, he just forgot that relationships need more than material things. He also believes that Farrell will never love him and while that was okay with him as long as she was content, now he feels he took her options away. Farrell, on the other hand does understand what he was trying to do and why, she was just not able to get her point across until it was almost too late.

As another reader said that villain was over the top and I too had a hard believing he would pursue them over an ocean and a continent when travel was certainly not as easy as it today.

For the books was either too long or too short. Had it been a novella we could have concentrated either more on the couple and left then background (the journey, the descriptions of their first impression each time they reached a new environment) or if it had been longer, we could have maybe felt their growing together. For me it was like I was told Farrell recognizes Aidan’s good side and I was told, Aidan saw the light that Farrell did not need luxuries just stable surroundings and I was told he felt, he could not give her what she needed.

I am not writer, so I don’t know what the author could have done differently or which length of the book would have been better. For me it was an okay afternoon read.