Perfect Kisses

Perfect Kisses - Sylvia Day,  Noelle Mack,  Susan Johnson I enjoyed Susan Johnson and Sylvia Day's stories and never quite managed to get into Noelle Macks.

Both stories were predictable and both used old well tried story lines. School for Scandal, Susan Johnson's had the rake and the blue stocking and Mischief and the Marquess, Sylvia Day's had the stern aristocrat who had been somewhat misunderstood by the love of his life in their youth and she choose someone else. Now, he is a the top of society while she is a fallen woman. I liked the fact that neither heroine wavered too long with the usual "I am not your class" or "I am not good enough for you". Once decisions had been made, they went forward. As to the sex scenes, I always was a fan of Sylvia Day and her The Stranger I Married is one of my all time favorite.