The caretaker wife

The Caretaker Wife - Barbara Whitehead It was not an easy read despite being only a 172 page book. It was interesting on different levels, there was almost no romance. It is a marriage of convenience and the couple spends 80% of the book apart. Normally, that would be DNF but here it worked, there are some letters between the couple but it's not a romance built through letters. It shows the heroine's struggle on being the caretaker wife, she succeeds but there are doubts and something one does not find often, the heroine has a crush on another man, not like in some books where the hero knows and sets out to correct heroine opinion. It is more part of the heroine growing into her own. I guess one could say it was realistic, spinster heroine who had been in charge of parental estate marries impoverished widower who in turn returns to his fist love, the sea. It is set clearly out at the start, both dealing with the cards life dealt them and when he finally returns, it's not love at first side, there is no conflict, just showing us how the couple becomes, well a couple.