I am trying to delete all my books on GR

I found this morning that GR had taken it upon itself to rename my shelves; I had voluntarily renamed my "When He** freezes over" shelf to "no, thank you". I changed the name of another shelf (sock poppet proponent) to "no, thank you" as well after an email from GR.


This morning I noticed a rather large amount of books of authors I would never, ever read on my "read" shelf. And trust me, I made sure I did not make a mistake by messing with the exclusive shelves. 


I had added and updated my reading list manually and simultaneously here and on GR as many of my friends did. But I now have enough of GR's games.


Now, I have exported all my books again and will keep track on an Excel sheet and here. I deleted all my shelves on GR. Then I noticed that this did not get rid of any reviews, so I tried to delete all my books. Well, that did not work as GR server apparently cannot handle the amount of books being deleted.


Has anyone any quick ideas, or do I have to go through all my books and see if there is a review and delete every single one?