Amazon's new Fan Girl War

Julie Doe posted one of her old reviews of her now defunct blog which had also been for numerous years on GR without any problems. However, fan girls apparently cannot comprehend that she wrote the review based on 13'000 words (seems to me several chapters) "first" edition and when a "new" edition came, she just checked if those points she had based her 1 star review on had been fixed but alas, no, therefore she mentioned it that she only skimmed the new version.


We have highly educated fan girls who when everything fails, defend the lack of grammar, punctuation problems and misspelled words on lack of sleep, sick babies and non suitable writing devices. I may have forgotten a few, excuses that is. 


Anyhow for me, what Julie's and others 1 Star did not do, they managed; vampire romances are not on the top of my list but who knows until last year I did not read Western either. However, C.J. Ellisson certainly will not make it on my "planning to read" list.