Bad start to 2014

The first week returning to work after the Christmas break was great. Everyone was relaxed, no injuries from skiing etc. And then we went downhill, last week my office manager quit to find herself. Granted, she was not ideal candidate for the position as she has weak people skills and our office is customer service oriented. But she was perfect organizing, no more scheduling errors, no overdrawn accounts, every little task noted in our front desk “bible”, color-coded no less.


Then yesterday while quickly removing my jeans from the washer, shaking them out, I somehow hit the light, one of those thick, white globes, which bounced onto my skull, off my upper lip onto the floor. I saw stars and was a little dizzy. My hubby is totally useless with any type of time management, so there was no way, I could ask him to check with me during the night. To be on the safe side, I slept upright in my Lazy Boy.


Today at 1 pm we had our management meeting where I had to tell both of my senior staff members that our office manager is leaving – and while not expressed either by me or anyone else – she leaves because of my senior staff members is a bit of a bull (but very effective in her job) in the China shop. Directly after the meeting, while quickly speaking to the bull about something else, my office manager returned with the resignation of one of our part-time afternoon receptionists.


I don’t know what gives, we pay a competitive wages, we even pay 100% Extended Health and Dental Benefits, we have 5 paid sick days, we promote and pay for continued education, we do pay for lunch during monthly staff meetings and have paid one extra paycheck (2 week’s pay) at Christmas.  I paid with personal cash for an Immigration lawyer when an employees work visa ran out, due to the Canadian healthcare system, paid to jump the line to see a specialist (we have long waiting lists to see any medical specialist in Canada and in the case of one of my employees, it was 9 months to see the Orthopedic surgeon) and when another employee got lost on one of our mountains with a group of friends during a strenuous hiking trip, it was me who bullied the police (employee is an adult, not related and was only missing officially 2 hours when she did not show up for work) to make in inquiries.


Oh did I mention, my darling daughter, who is our marketing manager, has told me for some time that she wants to work in "non-profit" (tried to explain that it generally mean, low salary), has started looking for her replacement.


At least, I am working on succession planning now and I am more than ever now determined, to retire next year.