How to deal with doubles

Does anyone know how to deal with doubles? For Christmas, my family got together and ordered several books on Kindle to replace the paperbacks. 


I needed a new IPad which I was fairly certain I would get as a gift. Late last year, all of a sudden my kids all started being interested in what I read, had read and liked. Given that normally they feel quite superior and snub their noses on my choices, it should have made me suspicious. 


Anyhow, my hubby bought the IPad and the kids, I assume via Amazon gift cards as not to show anything on my account, bought and downloaded a number of books, I mentioned I liked. 


Now my book list is kind of messed up. I am trying to add the books they got and have created a "kept Kindle version" shelf. The paperbacks will go to charity but I need to get them of my "Read" list and at the same token not lose any reviews.