Just after Midnight by Lori Handeland

Sorry, I have not figured out how to add book covers to my blog.


I guess I bought "Just after Midnight" because the blurb mentions Mounties and as a proud Canadian, it peaked my interest as well having read Kate Bridges "Canadian Mounties" series which I loved.


The book was written well enough. It had a few typos, liked "started" which should have been "startled". I assume when converting to e-format all kinds of accidents can happen. The story was also well enough but ...... It was boring. I knew who the villain - and not the obvious one - was within the first few chapters. It was also fairly clear how some of the info as to what the hero was up to got to the villains.


Hero had preset opinions about the heroine. He is also trying to find the villain who made his sister commit suicide. He believes this villain was the heroine's father. The heroine who has no illusions about her father, is nevertheless sure that he may have been a carefree man but not a bad man. 


When the heroine arrived on the scene, she found out her that father has died in an avalanche. Hero and those around her assume she will sell her father's property, a dance hall, pack her bags or rather not unpack them and leave again. Everyone is surprised and there are those who are either openly or secretly dismayed when she stays.


Hero and heroine team up to find the baddies. Heroine to clear her father's name as well as to find out why there are attempts on her life and hero, well, he is still trying to find the man who send his sister into desperation and now also to protect the heroine. He falls in ,lust first, then in love. She falls in love but having watched how her father chased one dream after the other, is not ready or willing to hand control of her life over to any man.