the saga continues

This SPA had wondered into an 4 year old thread (before Amazon changed its rules re where authors could promote) to promote what boils done to 3 pamphlets, apparently not very well written either. She went on and on about how 68% of American are obesity and that  her "books" were going to be the salvation. Moonlight called her out at one point - I guess after checking the website - that the author is trying to get people either to buy her books or provide financial assistance otherwise as she, the author was about to become homeless and yes that was the truth and did we all know that we are all obese or at the very least have obese family members and she would continue to tell us her story with the ultimate goal to help us despite us not believing her.


Apparently now she has taken all the names of posters who "argued" with her and published them including any emails she could find.