Ten Things about me

1)      I am 59 years young, married for 30 years (second marriage) and have four children, three to keep and one grandchild.


2)      I grew up in Germany and married a British officer when I was very young and had a son two years later. Marriage went spectacular wrong and after four years, I divorced him. After a few difficult and lean years, I finished law school while working at a large software company in Germany. There I was put in charge of a German/Canadian project and met my second husband.


3)      We dated for a while and I eventually took a deep breath and gathered my courage and in 1984 followed him to Vancouver, Canada.


4)      My degree (neither one, law or business admin) was not recognized here so I began working for a temp agency to find my bearing.


5)      After a few years, the death of one child and two more children, I decided to become a stay-at-home-mom.


6)      I started exercising in a small personal training studio in 1995 and saw a real business opportunity. At first, I became a silent shareholder and in 2000 bought one of the partners out as she left to follow her SO to Seattle and in 2001 the other partner who by now had four small children and took over the day-today operation of the studio. With a team of other “older” women, I (actually all 15 of us) trained and run the Portland Marathon.


7)      Due to my husband’s mental health, I take care of all our family business too.


8)      #7 is the reason why I only read fluff at this point. Most days, I have to read enough legal- and accounting crap, evenings now belongs to fluff. I used to read murder mysteries, loved political and legal thrillers and even ventured into science fiction for a while.


9)      Years and years ago I used to play Solitaire on Windows and according to my techy and nerdy husband, I must have beaten the system; he took a screen shot and emailed it to Microsoft, I finished several times in less than 50 seconds. However, we never heard anything further about it.


10)   In my misspend youth, I played ring tennis (hard rubber ring, similar field like volleyball), drove to Paris for French fries (2 hour drive) with friends, marched in protest and arm in arm with a man who later became Germany foreign minister against the third runway at the Frankfurt (today I am mighty glad it is there when visiting Germany) and I guess was a real trial for my mother.