Did not live up to expectation

The Duchess War (Brothers Sinister #1) - Courtney Milan

I admit I read the the Brothers Sinister slightly out of order. I had read "A Kiss for Midwinter" first, then the "Governess Affair" and now finally "The Duchess War".


I really like both novellas and the ending of the "Governess Affair" had me eager to begin this series in earnest. However, I have to admit I skimmed over large parts, not finding either Robert or Minnie interesting. I skimmed chapters, pick-up where I thought I would not get bored, finally reading the last 3 chapters and the epilogue. 


I will start "The Heiress Effect" today and hope it will - at least for me - make up and draw me for the rest of the story. You see, I am a terribly nosy person and I already know, I will want to at least read Sebastian's story to get my "closure" from the "endings and beginnings" of "The Governess Affair".