Help - some (maybe) stupid questions

Like many of us, I am often checking the Amazon boards too. Often someone asks a question re a book. I may know the book but can't remember the title. With my paperbacks, it's fairly easy; I just look on the shelves, often knowing which book it is not and often having roughly an idea where the book in question is on the shelf. 


However, now with my IPad, it's not as easy. I am not sure if the Kindle is any better, certainly not the older one's. I can sort according to recent, author or title; I can have table or grid view, I can be on the device or on the cloud. What I am missing, is a blurb essentially what is normally found on the back of a paperback. In the table view, I get the title and the cover of the book (grid shows only cover). According to my beloved techies, it should be a minor programming issue and be relatively easy done to have on the table view the cover, title and a short blurb. Why the heck is Amazon not doing this?


My next question is more a statement; I am re-reading a some old Stephanie Lauren's books (The Black Cobra Quartet - yes, I know, not her best). Some have an expanded Table of Content, ie. Chapter x, and a relevant sentence of said chapter. I really liked that. Why is she (Laurens) only doing it on one book and not the others?


Last but not least, someone asked this question on Amazon and I can't find it back; I am slowly trying to replace my paperbacks with e-versions (hoping to convince hubby to move into something smaller, but that is another story and likely not unfolding for some time). I realize that there will be some old Zebra/Signet which never will get to an e-version but many are. Authors like Mary Balogh announce it on their website. Others bundle series's or parts of it (Stephanie Lauren's first three Cynsters come as a bundle). Apparently, there is a place on the book's page where one can note interest if or when said book will be released as an e-version. Does anyone here know how and where I easily can find which of my books come in e-versions? Does not have to be an Amazon site. Is there such a think as e-books united, so to speak?