Pleasant Surprise

A Cheyenne Christmas - Caroline Lee

I got this freebie a few days ago. While it is not the season, I was in the mood of a short uplifting story and this shorty delivered. 


It dealt with issues of racism, gender discrimination but did not go too deep into it to overpowered the story and the main part, the romance.


We have a grumpy hero who has a soft heart despite his own upbringing. He is aware of his short comings, mainly communication between him and his adopted brother. He hires the heroine as his housekeeper, both needing each other. She needs a home and a job and no one will hired a young unmarried woman and he needs an extra pair of hands on his ranch to stop the drain on his finances by having to purchase ready made food.  Her presence helps him to relax, not to have to worry about certain things which helps him acknowledge his brother and of course, falling in love with the heroine.