Friends, please cross your fingers

Most of you know that I have 3 Bernese Mountain dogs, one, Madison, who is 10 years and 5 months old (the normal average is 6 to 8 years for a healthy Bernese) and has battling bone cancer for the last 18 months. She was doing exceptionally well, responding well to all treatment and definitely having a ball (she rules our family and household like a benign queen).


Last Monday, she apparently had a fall. Now I say apparently because it was our household help who "heard" it and was quick to say that Madison was down less than 30 seconds. We had been told any longer, we should bring her to the vet. The reason I say apparently is that there were some issues with the helper and she has reasons to believe her job is being more scrutinized than before. During the Christmas break, I had found so many things which were not done, badly done or wrongly done. I had left her a list of her duties instead of letting her do what she thought was right, including the amount of time she spend shopping and how much for us. She barely finished all when she went on a 3 week vacation and only came back Monday. To me it seems that she was somehow responsible for Madison's fall or that she needed to assure us that we need her to keep an eye on thing. And Madison had not fallen since she going to weekly physio sessions last September.

Either way, Madison was her usual self when I came home as well as on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. However, she went to physio for her ACL tear (we have opted against surgery due to her condition and try to treat as best as possible without invasive measures) and she normally is more tired on physio days. Then on Thursday, she would not eat her breakfast but did eat her dinner later. Friday morning the same and I have to say the food she gets now is the very food kind she fought for, a hypo-allergic kibble her brother was on. After speaking to the vet we gave her again a different kind and sure enough, she took it. However, this morning she again refused her food. Also, while she is taking it slower these days, since Wednesday there was a progression to the worse as how she moved. This morning, she got up, walked a few steps and went down again, then a few steps and down again.


We decided to take her to the vet hospital. As soon as we separated the 3 dogs, Madison realized she was going places and low and behold, she got up with no problems whatsoever, prancing and dragging hubby to the car. And before he could get the sling to help her up, she was in.


The emergency doctor says there seems to be nothing obvious wrong and that she is scheduled for imaging and blood work on Friday (when she goes for her bone strengthening treatment) anyway. The doctor is fairly certain that no drastic measure will have to be taking in the next 24 hours.  We decided to let Madison stay at the clinic and get all the work done today and tomorrow to make it easier on her as well as if there is a need for antibiotics or anti-inflammatories, we will be a few days ahead of the game.


Also, for the x-ray and ultra sound, she will need sedation which will leave her a little unstable and at home is her rambunctious brother (although as well old with 9 years) and a 4 year old.


Please cross your fingers that it is something easy treatable with antibiotics and/or anti-inflammatories.