Kindle Problems

I just had a weird thing happening. I was scrolling through my books, looking for a re-read and settled on Price of Desire (The Desire Series Book 2). Only the book was not on the device or the cloud. I went to "Manage my Kindle" and downloaded it again. I tried this 3 times without success. So I called Amazon.

CS told me there had been formatting update and therefore, they had to do the update and then send it to my Kindle (Kindle App on IPad).

Still not back, so CS asked me to de-register my Kindle app and then re-register. Still could not find it under the author's name. I then went to sort by "recent" and sure enough it was there however not under Goodman, Jo but under Jo, Goodman.

I am glad I have my book back but it does raise the question in my mind, if I buy a book, download onto device, read and then archive it back on the cloud and kind of forget about it and it needs formatting updating or whatever, the book then is lost to me unless I remember it and call Amazon to re-deliver.

What happens if I forgot about the book and it gets re-issued and I buy it again? It almost happened to me with Sandy Blair's A Man In A Kilt (Zebra Debut) which was re-issue as The Laird (A Castle Blackstone Novel).

Also, now I have to go through all my books and find those which I have not read yet.