Why are people so stupid

Sorry, just ranting. My daughter works for me, we share a last name. She shares a first name with our receptionist. This is the basic premises. 


Earlier today, I had some errands and left the office already, otherwise, I would have already dealt with it immediately. Apparently, a phone call came in, soliciting advertising $$$$ for a relatively new magazine. We do not do any print advertising other than direct mail as it has never brought as any business and the latter simply not enough to justify the cost. We rely mainly on word by mouth and have done so for 20 years in a difficult and often very transient industry. The caller started off real good by asking for my daughter by her first name. So our receptionist said she was xxxx but that the caller likely did not want her but at which point she was interrupted and told that obviously she was not the one the caller wanted. Caller then gave her pitch to my daughter who advised her that we do not do print advertising. Caller then went on a passive/aggressive rant about us not supporting the community. Personally, I would have hung up on her but daughter who is much more patient than I, advised her to check our community link re our community involvement and finally told her that caller should, as all solicitations are invited to, send an email to the owner in our general inbox. 


Well apparently, she lost it completely. She thought that my daughter was the owner and was in a pique about having wasted her precious time with an imposter. 


Does she really think, after being told that we do not use her services/products period, her behavior was going to convince us otherwise? Given that our last name is not very common and it is known through website and within the community, the company has only about 20 employees. What are the chances that we are not related? Or even that staff would not relate all to me?