I have not posted in a while

Life kind of got in the way. But I do try to keep up with everyone else.


Retirement moved further into the future, can't find a successor.


My two senior dogs passed last year and my daughter is pregnant, wanted and planned.


The wedding will be next Thursday and the Admiral is due end of July. They know it will be a boy but for some reason they decided not to call him Lincoln until he is born. As both are Star Trek fans - hence the wedding on May 4th -, they decided to call him the Captain and I must say I vetoed that; it's my grandchild, he is at a minimum an Admiral.


Unfortunately, today she was told she has gastetial diabetes. She is already with an Ob/Gyn as all babies in our family for some reason or the other ended up being c-sections. So she decided to have planned c-section anyway. She will have to see another specialist and we sincerely hope with diet changes (she loves grapes, melons and oranges) she can get it all under control.


My arm and shoulder have healed, only for my knee to start hurting. Disneyland, while a joy with the grandchildren was definitely something I should have skipped last month.


To counter all and help me relax, I am reading once again old favorites.