It appears Amazon is getting serious with regards to get rid of the fora.  Over the last few weeks, one function after the other was taken away. Today, even if you bookmarked the fora you are interested in, you have to find the discussions you took part in or you were interested in as the the show of how many new entries has been taken away. 


I love catching up here but it is difficult to have a book discussion or simply a discussion of favorite authors etc. I assume I could go back to GR despite the ban a few years ago but honestly all I heard about how GR runs now, assures me that it will be unlikely for me to enjoy.


I finally decided to go on Facebook. I will try to add as many of my favorite books as I go, so anyone interested can find me that way. I also have added my all time favorite TV show (Law & Order). 


I hope somehow to stay in contact with most of you.


Take care, Angela