Rant: What's wrong with people

I had to work today, a Saturday. Normally, I try not to but we have a new front desk person and it was her first solo shift, so I thought it would be nice to be at least available should she need something.


Our store front if you will are large windows on street level and I have the corner office. Out of the corner of my eyes, I see this family, dad, three kids on their bikes on the sidewalk at the traffic light right outside my window. Mom was stopped, not sure what she was trying to do but she was banging her bike up and down like she was trying shake of dirt of the tires, but in the process, the handles were banging at the window. Dad did see me inside but did nor say anything. So I got up and lifted the partial blind (windows are divided into one large piece of glass surrounded by columns of smaller pieces) and looked at her questioning; personally, had it been me, okay I would not bang on someone else's window unless I try to get their attention in the first place, I would have at least waved kind of like "sorry", no, she looked at me as I was interrupting her in some important business she had every right to engage in. However, she did stop and lo and behold was able to park her bike against the stone column at the corner of my office.


Sorry for the rant, yesterday, I had two young teenagers with one of their helicopter moms here who thought that after an invigorating work-out, they should spray each other with shaving cream in the locker room. I enter right after they came out to pick up their towels and saw the mess, screamed, one of my trainers came and checked on me, seeing the mess, turned his eyes to the boys and heli mom, who thought it was all in good fun and had a good chuckle. He explained to her that we did not share her amusement and send the boys to help clean up. However, they were hopeless but gave me the explanation that it had all been an accident, the shaving cream can had fallen, the lid had not been securely on and one of them had then accidentally stepped on the can, thus spraying a locker room with four shower stalls, 16 lockers, a large bench, two sinks and of course all the walls and mirrors. Ha, ha.


We normally don't take youngsters under 16 and only with the rarest exception, we allow our client's children come and train here. Those two were neither, however one of the moms feels that the louder you speak, the quicker you get want you want. And one of our front desk girls had made a mistake, quoting a wrong price and mom kept harping on and on. We finally gave in (I now regret that deeply) and said we would honor for the first purchase (10 personal training sessions) the price, however, upon on resign the regular price would be charged. Now I am not so sure we or better they make it for 8 more sessions.