Decisions, decisions

There were several reason, I was not much on BL; the last few months, I was re-reading old books (although that did not quite stop me from buying new), partially because my daughter had to cut down her time at work (she does still a lot from home) because GASP, baby does not go to sleep or amuse himself when she wants to work and lastly, for some reason, into all this, we started a major renovation. 


I would have preferred to move to something smaller, maybe a condo with a concierge, no more looking after garden and checking all - even what is not used daily or even monthly - is in working order as well as a few things more suited to our age. Alas, my husband does NOT want to move. I finally have come to grips with the fact that the only way I move out of this house, is when one of us goes feet forward in a pine box.


One of the areas renovated was my bedroom and bathroom, I needed more storage space for clothing (I wear different heads and need to present myself accordingly). In the process, we needed to find room for 6 shelves (IKEA Billy but the lower ones) full of books.  They would not fit on the remaining shelves nor on the shelves in our family room.  So for now, they are in a flat plastic bin under my bed.  I know there are at least a dozen or more paperbacks I now also have on Kindle. I know intellectually that I am NOT losing the book if I bring them to the library or leave them in one of those charity bins but I am dragging my feet.  I always had a hard time giving books away and several acquaintanceships fizzled out when borrowed books were not returned to me.


I manage to throw clothing out, even barely worn or not at all but books are my Achilles tendon.