Weird or what?

Something weird today at work; I was just cleaning up and shutting computer down when I noticed a group of people, 2 or 3 kids - it's getting dark and they were running around as any kid would do - and 2 or 3 ladies.  We are clearly a gym (actually a personal training studio), outdoor signs and all and whichever way you twist or turn and I was getting myself ready to say "no" if the request had been for the children to join as we had bad experiences with the  not so mature. 


They were right outside the front door, kids jumping and one or two adults watching. They also kept looking into my office. Anyhow, my hubby had called earlier that he had to take our dog to the vet and I was eager going home. And there was one lady of the group sitting, questioning my front desk staff ladies about CONDOS and TOWNHOUSES!!! what the difference was, if there were some for sale upstairs, etc.  One of my FD members said she would give her the number of her Real Estate Agent and went back. The lady then wanted to know what the area was called and I finally stepped in when she was asking for advise on # number of bedroom, although not sure what advise she wanted as I cut her off and told her she would need to talk to a Real Estate Agent, that we could not help. She kind of stared vacant at me and appeared to just ready to sit me out. Then my FD lady and handed her the card with her Real Estate Agent's name.  She asked her to please let him know who referred and then asked for her name so she call him ahead.  Her name apparently was Linette.


Linette then told us that they were originally from South Africa (I am not big on accents but her's was similar to that of Bishop Tutu) and that she was working for the United Nations (she did not UN as I assume may would call their employer) and was looking for a vacation home. 


Now wherever she worked for the UN, I assume it is in big enough cities that one would know you need a Real Estate Agent to purchase any type of home, not the local gym.  I might ask businesses in the area I want to purchase, if it safe, if it's a busy, any number of questions but those they asked.


Has anyone heard about something similar. It was on this fora I was made aware of some scams and able to avoid thanks to fellow posters.