What's wrong with me? Which bug did bite me?

…. I cleaned my home office and almost finished sorting my books.  As you may know, I have renovated my bathroom and bedroom.  From a start, I knew, that once finished, I still would take the time to get it all right when preparing to use the bathroom and the sorting of my closet.  The bathroom is now finished (it took me the better part of 6 weeks to find the right drawer sorters) except for a small cabinet.


For my bedroom, I am still waiting on a shoe cabinet before taking on the wall closet.  Once the shoes are out, I want to get those “waterfall” rails to hang my clothing, much like stores display one item with different sizes behind.  In order to move the shoe cabinet in, I still needed to reduce 4 of the lower Ikea Billy shelves to 2. Several more I had already sorted, taken those I now have on Kindle to the charity bin and the rest in the flat cloth containers under my bed.


This weekend was beautiful in Vancouver, cold but oh so sunny. And what did I do? I first clean my home office, finding Christmas cards from 2004, photos friends and family from overseas had sent, school photos of my kids etc. I frigging clean up, sorted all and now only seem to have 3 shelves with some office supplies and a mountain of old cameras, cell phones, other gadgets, cables and adapters. Well, there is always next weekend.


Then I started on the books: 2 Billy’s now have one shelf each empty. And then I looked outside and asked myself: “What’s wrong with you?  First lovely day and I am cleaning?”