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Unforgivable - Joanna Chambers

book and I can't see how the hero is going to redeem himself. And apparently, it is supposed to get worse.


I am at chapter 7 of 9 of part 2 of 5 parts. Normally, I would throw the book, at least in case of a paperback, can't throw my IPad but I also find myself strangely drawn to finish the book.


Well, I finished. I like the premises of a forced marriage, separation and then for the heroine having the upper hand when confronting the errant hero and he does not immediately recognize the heroine, falling in love with her.


So I read on. While there is of course a happy ending and I even can see and understand her hopes. At first after the separation wishing only for an amicable marriage, not expecting or hoping for more. I could understand his anger and even his jealousy. However, combining her low expectations, her insecurities, his anger and his jealousy, I could at first not understand how she forgave him. 



Then I remembered. I know forgiveness is Christian. I am a practicing Catholic and it was a Catholic priest who helped me through a very rough patch in my life and my marriage (when my husband had a very bad psychotic episode). He told me that sometimes, regardless of how much one loves another person, one has to retreat to save oneself. For me it was the realization that I was not nuts for wishing myself away and that realization helped me to stay and make the best out of the situation. For Rose, the heroine, having a place to call her own and with that acknowledgement as a person in a time when women were cattle and time to reflect, she was able to figure out that she was willing to give their marriage yet another chance. 

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