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Weird or what?

Something weird today at work; I was just cleaning up and shutting computer down when I noticed a group of people, 2 or 3 kids - it's getting dark and they were running around as any kid would do - and 2 or 3 ladies.  We are clearly a gym (actually a personal training studio), outdoor signs and all and whichever way you twist or turn and I was getting myself ready to say "no" if the request had been for the children to join as we had bad experiences with the  not so mature. 


They were right outside the front door, kids jumping and one or two adults watching. They also kept looking into my office. Anyhow, my hubby had called earlier that he had to take our dog to the vet and I was eager going home. And there was one lady of the group sitting, questioning my front desk staff ladies about CONDOS and TOWNHOUSES!!! what the difference was, if there were some for sale upstairs, etc.  One of my FD members said she would give her the number of her Real Estate Agent and went back. The lady then wanted to know what the area was called and I finally stepped in when she was asking for advise on # number of bedroom, although not sure what advise she wanted as I cut her off and told her she would need to talk to a Real Estate Agent, that we could not help. She kind of stared vacant at me and appeared to just ready to sit me out. Then my FD lady and handed her the card with her Real Estate Agent's name.  She asked her to please let him know who referred and then asked for her name so she call him ahead.  Her name apparently was Linette.


Linette then told us that they were originally from South Africa (I am not big on accents but her's was similar to that of Bishop Tutu) and that she was working for the United Nations (she did not UN as I assume may would call their employer) and was looking for a vacation home. 


Now wherever she worked for the UN, I assume it is in big enough cities that one would know you need a Real Estate Agent to purchase any type of home, not the local gym.  I might ask businesses in the area I want to purchase, if it safe, if it's a busy, any number of questions but those they asked.


Has anyone heard about something similar. It was on this fora I was made aware of some scams and able to avoid thanks to fellow posters.

Decisions, decisions

There were several reason, I was not much on BL; the last few months, I was re-reading old books (although that did not quite stop me from buying new), partially because my daughter had to cut down her time at work (she does still a lot from home) because GASP, baby does not go to sleep or amuse himself when she wants to work and lastly, for some reason, into all this, we started a major renovation. 


I would have preferred to move to something smaller, maybe a condo with a concierge, no more looking after garden and checking all - even what is not used daily or even monthly - is in working order as well as a few things more suited to our age. Alas, my husband does NOT want to move. I finally have come to grips with the fact that the only way I move out of this house, is when one of us goes feet forward in a pine box.


One of the areas renovated was my bedroom and bathroom, I needed more storage space for clothing (I wear different heads and need to present myself accordingly). In the process, we needed to find room for 6 shelves (IKEA Billy but the lower ones) full of books.  They would not fit on the remaining shelves nor on the shelves in our family room.  So for now, they are in a flat plastic bin under my bed.  I know there are at least a dozen or more paperbacks I now also have on Kindle. I know intellectually that I am NOT losing the book if I bring them to the library or leave them in one of those charity bins but I am dragging my feet.  I always had a hard time giving books away and several acquaintanceships fizzled out when borrowed books were not returned to me.


I manage to throw clothing out, even barely worn or not at all but books are my Achilles tendon.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas

Wishing you all the very best for 2018.


I did not post a whole lot the last few months. Enjoying a new grandchild takes time, especially when his mom was and is my assistant and now due to her being less at work (although she was at work for a few hours on day 5 after a C-section), I have to work a bit more and for some incomprehensible reason, I also started a mega reno project, which is now mostly done.


Again, a safe and happy holiday to all.


I guess this weekend, either Apple or Amazon had some updates.  The result is less than pleasing.  I was reading one novel on my IPad and wanted to go back a couple of chapters. Normally, I touch the the upper left on the screen and book details like cover, table of content (if exists) etc appear and you can easily go wherever you please in the book. Now, I can touch, tap several times, move my finger slightly around in the corner, nada. After a while, it generally works but it is super annoying. 


Does anyone know what happened and hopefully, let me know what I can do to go back to reading enjoyment?

Amazon Fora are done

Despite saying (via banner) that the last remaining fora, Top Reviewer Forum would stay open until October 13, it is now completely non-functional.  There is no way no one posted all day. I had checked this morning and there were only 4 posts on one thread and when I checked after work there were no new posts at all. 


That's how Amazon had done it on the Romance forum, they took one function after the other away, the last one that all threads were still visible but nothing could be posted anymore and that also two or three days ahead of schedule.




No Rating

Dark Embrace (Dark Gothic Book 6) - Eve Silver

I deliberately gave no rating; from a technical point of view: there were a few typos (auto-correct?) but that was not why.


I quite liked the first two in this series; the next three were okay but nothing special.  It was my first foray into gothic style romance (okay, other then many years ago Victoria Holt) so I was not entirely sure what to expect. I had already pre-ordered this one and after the last three had meant to cancel the order but forgot.


The book (the reader will know early on) took a paranormal turn. Vampire novels just don't do it for me. 

He arrived

weighing in at 8 pound 12 ounces and 19 3/4 inches. Off to the hospital now.

Grand baby arriving today

My daughter will have a C-section at 1 pm due to medical reasons; all our family babies ended up being emergency C-sections (with me only the first, after that they were planned) and my daughter said, let's just skip the emergency part. She is a very slender young woman and the munchkin is likely to be weighing in the 10 pound range.  


Anyhow, due to that she is being in the dedicated maternity hospital (right next to Children's Hospital) where they deal mostly with high risk pregnancies, the nurses apparently do not look after the baby (unless it is ill) only after the mom.  We were kind of surprised with that when last year my daughter-in-law had an emergency C-section, a very difficult recovery, first her sister, then her mother and then me stayed with her. My son had survived a heart attack a few months prior and was unable to stay with her to that degree and help without endangering his health.  


My son-in-law unfortunately is only today off and has to work tomorrow and they also have a dog who is lovely but much to strong for either my husband or myself to handle. So, I will spend the next 2 to 3 nights in hospital taking care of my new grand baby and work a few hours during the day. 


I don't think I will get around to read or post a lot.  Will check in next week.

Rant: What's wrong with people

I had to work today, a Saturday. Normally, I try not to but we have a new front desk person and it was her first solo shift, so I thought it would be nice to be at least available should she need something.


Our store front if you will are large windows on street level and I have the corner office. Out of the corner of my eyes, I see this family, dad, three kids on their bikes on the sidewalk at the traffic light right outside my window. Mom was stopped, not sure what she was trying to do but she was banging her bike up and down like she was trying shake of dirt of the tires, but in the process, the handles were banging at the window. Dad did see me inside but did nor say anything. So I got up and lifted the partial blind (windows are divided into one large piece of glass surrounded by columns of smaller pieces) and looked at her questioning; personally, had it been me, okay I would not bang on someone else's window unless I try to get their attention in the first place, I would have at least waved kind of like "sorry", no, she looked at me as I was interrupting her in some important business she had every right to engage in. However, she did stop and lo and behold was able to park her bike against the stone column at the corner of my office.


Sorry for the rant, yesterday, I had two young teenagers with one of their helicopter moms here who thought that after an invigorating work-out, they should spray each other with shaving cream in the locker room. I enter right after they came out to pick up their towels and saw the mess, screamed, one of my trainers came and checked on me, seeing the mess, turned his eyes to the boys and heli mom, who thought it was all in good fun and had a good chuckle. He explained to her that we did not share her amusement and send the boys to help clean up. However, they were hopeless but gave me the explanation that it had all been an accident, the shaving cream can had fallen, the lid had not been securely on and one of them had then accidentally stepped on the can, thus spraying a locker room with four shower stalls, 16 lockers, a large bench, two sinks and of course all the walls and mirrors. Ha, ha.


We normally don't take youngsters under 16 and only with the rarest exception, we allow our client's children come and train here. Those two were neither, however one of the moms feels that the louder you speak, the quicker you get want you want. And one of our front desk girls had made a mistake, quoting a wrong price and mom kept harping on and on. We finally gave in (I now regret that deeply) and said we would honor for the first purchase (10 personal training sessions) the price, however, upon on resign the regular price would be charged. Now I am not so sure we or better they make it for 8 more sessions.

Has anyone read ......

Jillian Stone's "Gentlemen of Scotland Yard" series? I have never read anything by her; I like the storyline, at least I think I will but the kindle version is almost $20. For that price I like to be a bit more certain.


It appears Amazon is getting serious with regards to get rid of the fora.  Over the last few weeks, one function after the other was taken away. Today, even if you bookmarked the fora you are interested in, you have to find the discussions you took part in or you were interested in as the the show of how many new entries has been taken away. 


I love catching up here but it is difficult to have a book discussion or simply a discussion of favorite authors etc. I assume I could go back to GR despite the ban a few years ago but honestly all I heard about how GR runs now, assures me that it will be unlikely for me to enjoy.


I finally decided to go on Facebook. I will try to add as many of my favorite books as I go, so anyone interested can find me that way. I also have added my all time favorite TV show (Law & Order). 


I hope somehow to stay in contact with most of you.


Take care, Angela



Passing on message

Just saying hello to all from Themis Althena. Says she is super busy and will be back but likely not before the end of this month.

I have not posted in a while

Life kind of got in the way. But I do try to keep up with everyone else.


Retirement moved further into the future, can't find a successor.


My two senior dogs passed last year and my daughter is pregnant, wanted and planned.


The wedding will be next Thursday and the Admiral is due end of July. They know it will be a boy but for some reason they decided not to call him Lincoln until he is born. As both are Star Trek fans - hence the wedding on May 4th -, they decided to call him the Captain and I must say I vetoed that; it's my grandchild, he is at a minimum an Admiral.


Unfortunately, today she was told she has gastetial diabetes. She is already with an Ob/Gyn as all babies in our family for some reason or the other ended up being c-sections. So she decided to have planned c-section anyway. She will have to see another specialist and we sincerely hope with diet changes (she loves grapes, melons and oranges) she can get it all under control.


My arm and shoulder have healed, only for my knee to start hurting. Disneyland, while a joy with the grandchildren was definitely something I should have skipped last month.


To counter all and help me relax, I am reading once again old favorites. 

My Reading Habits

  1. Do you have a certain place in your home for reading?


Depends what, I mostly read in my recliner in the den, sometimes I do read newspapers on my IPad in the kitchen or on my PC in home office or at work.


  1. Bookmark or a random piece of paper? 


I read mostly e-books and before that I have to admit, folded page corners.


  1. Can you just stop reading, or do you have to stop after a chapter or a certain number of pages?


I try to stop at logical location, doesn’t always happen.


  1. Do you eat or drink while reading? 




  1. Do you multitask while reading?


Rarely, I always forget I have music on my IPad.


  1. One book at a time, or several?


One at a time. I envy those who can read one book in bed, one during lunch break and another one as audio during the commute.


  1. Where do you read, at home or everywhere?


Everywhere.  At home, and in cars, planes, trains, and waiting rooms.


  1. Do you read out loud, or silently in your head?




  1. Do you read ahead or skip pages?


I am taking the 5th


  1. Do you break the spine?


No. But some got damaged from re-reading over and over again.


  1. Do you write in your books?


No, but given the various adventures with GR, BL etc. I now have an Excel file for all my books, with a “remarks” section.


It's going to be a crappy weekend.

My oldest dog, Madison who has survived oral bone cancer, back surgery for a herniated disk, spleen removal after being diagnosed with lymphona, melanoma on the eyebrow, a pumped out stomach after stealing and eating the cardboard of a coke flat, and that all after the age of 9 (her breed generally only makes it between 6 and 8) has been on and off her feet and gone into real decline the last 2 weeks, has now at the age of 12 years and 3 months been diagnosed with a sarcoma pressing onto the spine.


We lost her brother last April and I guess, he has been calling her. Tomorrow we will go to the hospital where she is currently, bring her one last meal of McDonalds (she went to physio every week and afterward she and my husband would go a date to McDonalds) and let her go.


Question re author Mary Spencer aka Susan Spencer Paul

Several of her books (mostly under SSP) are available on Kindle. I am trying to find out about the wager trilogy. Those were first published in 1997 with Dell (I believe Random is the parent company), her other books are published with different publishers. 


Thanks for any help, Angela

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